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About us

Since 1960,Internation Taiyuan Coolers Co., Ltd.,Has accumulasted much experience on technology of cooling tower , and has manufactrued almost over thousands of cooling tower sets including commercial cooling tower and some special tower.Now, we concentrate on industrail cooling tower and some spceial towers.

Entering this 21st century,due to the decline of energy and water resources as well as public awareness of pollution contorl, the industries are reqiring tightened qualitylevel on cooling tower products. Facing this demand tendency, our R&D specialist have created a servies of cooling towers which are energy-saved, and meet the specification requirements of pollution control.

*Counter Flow Cooling Tower
*Cross Flow Cooling Tower
*Chemical dosing and side filter
*Civil Work Design and Construction
*Special Design
*Modification and Maintenance of Cooling Tower

Quality Policy

Customer care is our top priority   / Innovation Service /
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